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I love to walk along a beach,
More than anything else…I know;
With waves lapping upon the shore,
Especially, when a strong wind blows!

And, one day…upon my travels,
I happ`d to see something strange;
There was a small bundle,
On the beach, all wrapped-up…neatly arranged.

What could that bundle be,
When it moved…it gave me quite a start;
I’d never seen anything like it,
Pitter-patter…thump-thump went my heart!

Well, it was round…and, Oh my!
There were tiny eyes peering back at me;
And, long whiskers on its nose,
Quite funny…it was to see!

On close observation…it was,
Yes, it was A BABY SEAL;
But, where had it come from?
All of this was just too unreal!

Obviously, it was new-born,
So, its ‘Mom’ must be close-by;
Though I looked back and forth,
No ‘Mom’ could I spy.

It was then…that I noticed,
Noticed…something had been dragged;
From the baby…back into the water,
Leaving a mark along the beach…zig-zag!

So, the ‘Mom’ had left her baby,
Safely on the shore;
And, she was off to get some food,
She was hungry…that's for sure!

Oh, my! I’d never patted,
Now, was my opportunity,
So, I bent down and beside him…I did kneel.

I was in for a big surprise,
For out of his mouth came a loud ‘hiss’;
With flashing ‘baby’ teeth…too,
He wanted none of this!

Just half an inch closer…and,
He would have chewed my finger to the bone;
Well, I learned my lesson well,
“Leave baby animals along!”

That evening…I went back,
Back…A BABY SEAL to see;
But, his ‘Mom’ had returned,
And, took him back…out to sea!


June 14, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love