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We bought our first house,
With a nice back yard…we all agreed;
Tall maple trees…a weeping willow,
One peach tree and A CRAB APPLE TREE.

While my parents were busy…inside,
Sister and I were free;
We explored the great outdoors,
Just my sister…and me!

That’s when we found the maples,
And, we looked forward to the Spring;
Why…we could tap the trees,
Maple syrup…that would bring!

The weeping willow…was different,
It was kind of buggy;
But, it was fun to climb,
And cool…when it was muggy!

The one peach tree…Oh, well,
The flowers were so beautiful;
But, later…not very many peaches,
No, it was not very fruitful!

Now…there’s A CRAB APPLE TREE,
At first…we weren’t quite sure;
The apples were so tiny…green at first,
But, they turned a bright red…when mature!

Sister and I bit into one,
So very sour…it was…right now;
“They will be good to eat…later”,
This is what our Mom did vow.

With moving and making new friends,
Our days became quite full;
We forgot all about that tree,
Having lots to do…had made us forgetful.

One day…Mom was cooking,
Something in a large kettle;
It seemed to boil and boil…for hours,
As up and up…it bubbled!

“What are you cooking…Mom?”
Sister and I just had to know;
It looked so good…a crimson red,
Held unchecked…our curiosity did grow!

“Oh, remember those green apples,
“Now, they have matured and are red;
“This is the time to boil them,
“And, crab apple jelly…to make”, she said.

Now, Mom removed the mushy apples,
Only the brilliant, red juice remained;
And, she added cups and cups of sugar,
So, it was now time to boil…again.

After a long time of faithfully stirring,
“It’s time now!”…Mom declared;
And, she poured the nectar into jelly jars,
“When they’ve cooled…we’ll store them down there.”

Mom had shelves in the basement,
For the many things that she preserved;
We’d enjoy them all this Winter,
Then, like hidden treasure…she’d take them out and serve!

Oh, my!…we got to lick the spoon,
In fact…the kettle…we also cleaned;
Who would ever have thought green apples,
Would produce a dish…fit for a queen!

After that…news got `round the neighborhood,
About our yard and A CRAB APPLE TREE;
Somehow…each Spring the green apples disappeared,
You know how children are…they’ll eat anything that’s free!

By the time the fruit was ripe,
The fruit could be seen no more;
Neighborhood children would eat them,
Green and sour and raw!

I’m sure that many a tummy ache,
Was had…by many a child;
But, we never had jelly…again,
So much for A CRAB APPLE TREE…in your back yard!


June 20, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love