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I saw AN ANGEL…the other day,
She was out in our back yard;
Maybe you could see her…too,
If you tried real hard!

Perhaps…if you go into your back yard,
And, look there…beneath the trees;
Perhaps…just perhaps you’ll see her,
If you have an imagination like me!

The sun was shining brightly,
On that crisp, clear Winter day:
When I happ’d…perchance to wander,
In the back yard…to play.

And, there…right in the middle;
In plan sight…for all to see;
I shouted…in glee!

Oh, the neighbors, they came running,
Gramma and Grampa…too;
“We want to see her also”,
“What do we have to do?”

“Why, she’s right there”…I told them,
“Can’t you see her over there?”
I was totally astounded,
That they couldn’t see her…anywhere.

For there she was…so beautiful,
Clothed in shimmering white;
Of course, her wings were also brilliant,
To see her…caused such delight!

Maybe there was a shadow,
Caused by yonder tree;
Maybe the sunshine got in their eyes,
And, they could not see.

Or maybe…just maybe,
Only a small child can see;
All the wonder that’s around us,
To be child-like…that’s the key!

“Tell us what you have seen”,
The older folks did say;
“Whatever happened to you”,
“When you came out here to play?”

All eyes were focused upon me,
Now…shy…I became;
I didn’t like all this attention,
But, I had to explain my claim.

So, I laid down…upon the ground,
My arms were now…extended;
With a sweeping motion…back and forth,
I showed them and they comprehended!

When I stood up…there she was,
Or at least another…just like her;
Yes, sir…a SNOW ANGEL…as it were!!!


May 24, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love