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“Now, is that any way to be?”
You asked me…in the most firm way;
Yes, I had been ANGRY,
As a matter of fact…all the day!

But, did it get me what I wanted?
I think not…Oh, No;
Because, the more I thought about it,
The angrier…I did grow.

I had pouted and stomped my feet,
I even slammed the door;
Yes, I’d thought of holding my breath,
Until, I’d fall on the floor!

I knew that some of those things wouldn’t work,
So, those things…I didn’t even try;
Yes, I’d learned by trial and error,
Of this…I can’t deny!

Well, I was soon to learn,
That being ANGRY was no good;
It didn’t solve anything,
It did nothing…that I thought it would.

Life just isn’t fair…is it?
And, it’s a hard lesson to learn;
But, if we hold it all inside,
Our stomach will just churn!

So, what is the answer,
For, I’d really like to know;
And, I’d like the answer…now,
As more and more impatient…I grow!

You say it’s my attitude,
Well, you could be right;
But, I’ve tried and tried to be different,
And, I have tried with all my might!

Count to 10…Oh, I’ve tried that,
And, I’ve counted to 20…also;
Did it help me at all?
No…I don’t think so!

Have I tried to understand,
Just what the other one thought;
Or, did I feel they ‘lite’ my fuse,
And, I raised-up…and fought?

Goodness…gracious…my…Oh my,
Growing up is very hard;
Certainly, it’s not for sissies,
So…that thought…just disregard!

When we become ANGRY,
We have so many choices;
Act childishly…or slowly maturing,
To which one…will you give voice?

If you are a child,
Then, I guess that’s how you’ll act;
But, if you’re growing up,
Then, you won’t over-react.

It’s sad when you see a grown-up,
‘Acting-out’…like a small child;
Flailing their arms about,
Totally out of control…gone wild!

True…and sometimes a small child,
Will respond in a manner…quite mature;
Even adults can learn from them,
Yes…and that’s for sure!

So, when you want to get ANGRY,
Do whatever you have to do;
To get it under control…right away,
Before you turn red…or maybe even blue!


July 10, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love