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Are you a young person,
One…who has known a lot of hurt;
Your life has been pretty troubled,
All that you have known is…hurt?

You’ve heard that there is a help,
And, now…you’re going to find it;
No more hurting…only healing,
You want to move-on and to graduate!

Maybe there’s been divorce,
Your family was torn in half;
Both parents have ‘issues’,
But, you’re the one most hurt.

Or, one of your loved-ones,
Has just passed-away;
There’s an empty space in your heart,
And, forever…it seems…it will stay!

A favorite pet…passing on,
Leaves your life so very empty;
Sometimes it makes you cry,
Sometimes you just get angry.

Your life went downhill…when,
A close friend had to move away;
How can you forget…move-on,
When you walk past their house…every day?

When you think of the happy days,
And, remember only the good times;
Sometimes it helps…to make it easier,
And…out of the hurt…you can climb!

No matter what the hurt is,
It need not ruin your life;
Nothing is forever…things change,
You owe it to yourself…to get on with your life!

Put it to good use;
Learn from it…and move-on,
A life of happiness…you can produce!


June 23, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Thank You

John William Smith - Author of "Hugs For The Hurting"