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When you are a youngster,
Small things can make you happy;
Yes, some things are free,
Others, not very costly.

They can be things you’ll remember,
Forever…and a day;
No matter what life gives you,
In your memory…forever they will stay.

I’ve carried this memory with me,
Yes, I’ve kept it in my heart;
Now…I’ll share it with you,
Just a moment…and I’ll start.

When I was about five years old,
The memories come flooding in;
It happened on our daily walk,
Again…Gramma was the heroine!

This time we had packed a lunch,
For, it would be a very long walk;
I didn’t mind at all,
It gave us lots of time to talk.

It was a day in the late Spring,
Wild flowers were in full bloom;
Blue bells…white stars…lady slippers,
Pushing themselves skyward…for themselves making room.

The birds were chirping…loudly,
And, baby birds…with little “Peeps”;
Now, we headed into the woods,
It was dark…out there in the deep.

We climbed a really steep hill,
There…amongst the trees;
I fell down…and rested right there,
There…upon my knees.

After just a short rest,
We walked further on;
A meadow lay before us,
And, the sun…overhead…how brightly it shone!

Yes, I was growing tired,
“Lunch time”…it was decided;
“But first, look over there,”
My Gramma was far-sighted.

And, there it was afar off,
The dairy…on the hill;
“We can buy some milk there”,
For me…that was such a thrill!

‘Clover Hill Dairy’… a sign hung overhead,
Inside were bottles of every shape and size;
And, white milk…chocolate milk,
I could hardly believe my eyes!

For… I had never seen chocolate milk,
This was all new to me;
“Choose whatever you would like”,
A SPECIAL TREAT!…I didn’t foresee.

“Chocolate…Oh, chocolate”,
I shouted…with glee;
Gramma was sure I’d like it,
She really knew… me.

And, like it… an under-statement,
I wanted it to last forever;
How good it tasted with our lunch,
In all my short life…nothing better!

Sixty years have passed… since that day,
But, like yesterday…it seems;
“Chocolate…Oh, chocolate”,
Still held in my heart and in my dreams!

A SPECIAL TREAT!…because it’s shared,
And, the memory is kept alive;
A SPECIAL TREAT!…always remembered,
Ever since I was only five!


May 22, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love