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Are you satisfied with the status quo,
And, you don’t like ‘change’?
Do you just accept everything you hear,
There’s nothing that you’d like to rearrange?

Or, are you of a different sort,
And, you ask many questions?
Some times you know a better way,
You might even make suggestions?

Well, A SEARCHING MIND…is wonderful,
All our explorers certainly had one;
Think of all our new continents…new planets,
Without A SEARCHING MIND…we'd know of none.

And, how about inventors,
Without a question…there would be ‘zero’;
A SEARCHING MIND…is what they had,
Yes, each of them was a hero!

Medical research…a real frontier,
Few…they be who go there;
But, they have A SEARCHING MIND,
Their dedication shows how much they care.

Now, if we all sat back,
And, nothing did we do;
Where would we be today,
Nowhere…and that is true!

So, if you have A SEARCHING MIND,
Or, you know someone who does;
Be encouraged to use it,
For…not even the sky’s the limit!


June 21, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love