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“Well, everybody has one”,
And, my Dad had to agree;
In our neighborhood…alone,
There were two…maybe three.

Johnny has A TREE HOUSE,
Though it’s not made too sturdy;
It’s just made out of cardboard,
Still, it is quite ‘homey’.

And, Frank…yes, he had one…too,
His Mom had helped him to build it;
He has no Dad…so she stepped in,
And, his sister…had helped…quite a bit.

Even my friend Suzie has one,
And, she’s just a girl;
She uses it for a fortress,
At the boys…apples…she hurls!

“Yes, I’d really like A TREE HOUSE…Dad,
“I know that you could build one;
“If Frank's mom can do it,
“Come on…it will be great fun!”

Well, my Dad was quite reluctant,
Building was not his thing;
There wasn’t a car he couldn’t fix,
But, A TREE HOUSE…was another thing!

So, down to the lumber yard we went,
Yes, just my Dad and me;
I knew that they would help us,
They’d know how to build one…up in our tree.

And, sure enough…they knew just what to do,
They showed us what we would need;
Yes, we’d have the very best,
If…their advice…we’d heed.

After a truck load of lumber,
Nails, screws, bolts, paint brushes and paint;
We made our way for home,
Mom?…Well, I thought that she would faint!

She knew Dad wasn’t much of a builder,
Seeing all our material…she was overwhelmed;
Yes, she knew…for certain,
That this was out of Dad’s realm!

But, my Dad wasn’t discouraged,
He would ask for help…if needed;
He would build his son A TREE HOUSE,
And, he’d do it…in record speed!

What a sight to behold,
Father and son…working side by side;
I think that was the best part,
And, Mom looked on…with pride!

It took us forever and a day,
For, it seems…it was never quite done;
There was always something more to do,
I think we continued on…because of the fun!

Yes, those happy memories…we’ll remember,
For forever…and a day;
The days…weeks…months of work,
Not really work…but, more like play!


June 19, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love