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Do you enjoy a picnic,
And, you go each chance you get?
You bring a lot of food,
And, you have a great time…I bet!

Summer is the very best time,
For a picnic…`tis thought;
But, what about all those other months,
Do we have those months for naught?

Well, Spring…it’s pretty rainy,
And, it’s not a whole lot of fun;
To have a picnic and do it right,
You almost need some sun!

And, how about the Fall?
Well, it’s okay…I guess;
Still…we seem to think that Summer,
Well, it’s just the very best!

That leaves Winter and the snow,
“Not a good time”, you say?
I’m not all that certain…because,
I tried it…one day!

It’s a long time from Fall to Summer,
And, it’s just too long for me;
I needed something in-between,
Or ‘cabin fever’ would set-in…you see!

So, why not A WINTER PICNIC,
Maybe it’s been done before;
And, if it hasn’t…so what?
We’ll invent it…for sure!

We picked a sunny afternoon,
Complete with 10 inches of new snow;
We packed a super lunch,
And, off…we did go!

The picnic area wasn’t crowded,
In fact…we were the only ones;
The picnic tables had a foot of snow,
Still, cleaning it off…was fun!

Our sandwiches…delicious,
The hot cocoa…hit the ‘spot’;
Why hadn’t anyone thought of this before,
Just why had they…not?

So, when Winter seems too long,
And, it holds you fast in its icy grip;
Pack yourself a picnic lunch,
And, take A WINTER PICNIC trip!


July 10, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love