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“Shiver me timbers”…“Land a’ho”,
And, all those other things that pirates say;
“Buck-up, ye land-lovers”…“Clear the deck”,
What a surprise was in store for me…that day!

It all began one Saturday morning,
When, to the Pet Store…we did go;
Who would ever have thought,
One day’s happenings would change us so?

Just one step inside that building,
And, all that we could hear;
Was that loud…squawking voice,
That got even louder…as we drew near!

And, he was so fitly named;
Although he was a parrot,
He looked like that pirate…of by-gone fame.

For he was mostly blue in color,
With a bit of yellow trim;
But, he definitely had a ‘black-beard’,
And, he was tall, handsome and slim!

He knew all the pirates’ expressions,
And, he had the accent to prove it;
All he needed was a peg-leg,
In the Pet Store…he was quite the hit!

Ask him about buried treasure,
And, he’d give you a run for your money;
He would tell you just where it was buried,
Oh, yes…he was so funny!

I’ve heard that parrots live a long time,
And, I have often wondered;
Maybe this parrot knew his name-sake,
Maybe he knew where the treasure was buried.

Someone may have thought so…too,
For that very night he disappeared;
A thief…a robber took him,
The outcome…we all feared.

If we had known ‘Black-Beard’…better,
There would not have been any fuss;
For he could hold his own,
‘Black-Beard’ was smarter than any of us!

He had talked himself out of many things,
In his quite long…lifetime;
This was no exception…now,
For everything would turn out fine.

First of all ‘Black-Beard’ was so well-known,
He could never be re-sold;
The thief…the robber could not advertise,
Only a fool would be so bold.

The original plan was to find out,
Just where that treasure was hid;
And, try and try…repeatedly,
He tried and tried…he really did.

‘Black-Beard’ was too smart for him,
If he knew…he would not say;
He was smarter than the thief…the robber,
The secret…with him…would stay!

What to do with ‘Black-Beard’…what to do?
To keep him…not an option;
He was a ‘marked bird’…everybody knew him,
To dispose of him…out of the question.

“Return him…Ah, yes!”
“Maybe I should bring him back”;
That seemed like the answer,
The thief…the robber said…with a smack!

So, bring ‘BLACK-BEARD’…THE PIRATE…back,
This he surely did - leaving him near the front door;
There, he was quickly found,
And, to his former perch…restored.

Now, as luck would have it,
A talking parrot is handy to have around;
He gave a complete description,
The thief…the robber…was quickly found!!!


May 24, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love