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Of all the dogs that I have owned,
One stands out…far above all the others;
This was the ‘perfect’ pet,
And, there will never be another!

Lost…in our daughter’s school yard,
Lost…and with no place to go;
Night time was fast-approaching,
Pup just sat out there…in the snow.

Her tiny whine…drew attention,
And, our daughter could not resist;
It was going to be a cold night,
The kind…where nothing outside could exist.

She brought the pup home,
And, such a surprise she was;
That black bundle of fur,
And, loveable…just ‘because’!

Well, the pup was soon warm,
And, she was also fed;
She was so excited…she couldn’t sleep,
She didn’t want to go to bed.

But, she could fight sleep no longer,
And, right over…she flopped;
So, we made a soft bed for her,
Right where she had dropped!

The next morning…much to our delight,
She was rested and ready to play;
But, we had many things to do…first,
If she was to stay.

We called the SPCA,
Pup wasn’t reported missing;
Then, we ran an ad in the newspaper,
To find her owner…we were more than willing.

Still, there was no response,
And, our hopes began to rise;
For, pup had captured our hearts,
More than we had realized!

Well, if indeed…we could keep her,
She would certainly need a name;
We tried calling for her by many,
“Blackie”…“Fluffy”…but, to all of them…she came!

Okay, all kidding set aside,
She needed a real name;
And, we finally decided on “Babe”,
So, that’s who our pup…became!

She had more brains than most humans,
There wasn’t a thing she couldn’t do;
It was a great day…when we found her,
Yes, that’s for sure…so true!

She tried so hard to ‘fit-in’,
And, she succeeded…in every way;
“Babe” was next to perfect,
The BEST DOG AWARD…she received every day!


June 15, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Our Photo

"BABE" - winner of our BEST DOG AWARD!
(With her favorite 'sock' toy!)