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Oh, sister and I had a great idea,
For Mother’s Day…was soon approaching;
We would do something 'special' for our Mom,
We spoke with Dad…he knew what we were planning.

Yes, Dad would stay out of the kitchen,
While sister and I did our thing;
After everything was prepared…to perfection,
Then, up to her bedside…our treat…we would bring.

Now, picture this…if you can,
Two young girls…ages seven and four;
Even the smallest of undertaking,
To us…it would be quite a chore.

Still, we kept our wits about us,
And, we didn’t make too much of a mess;
We could prepare a fabulous breakfast,
And, our Mom…would feel really blessed!

Dad had promised to help with clean-up,
Of that…we need not be concerned;
Just to prepare the meal…was enough,
Yes, we’d show Mom all the skills we had learned.

Sister took the waffles from the freezer,
And, she popped them into the toaster;
But, she needed me to push the lever down,
Still, she did pretty good…for a youngster!

I filled the glass goblet with orange juice,
Then, I put it on Mom’s tray;
I had picked a red rose from our garden,
With a few other flowers…it made a nice display.

Next…our finest bone china and silver,
Oh, Mom would be so pleased;
Today…she had nothing to do,
Today…would be a day of total ease.

BANG!…went the toaster…on the floor,
Somehow…off the counter…it fell;
Sister began to cry now,
And, I stopped myself…before I let out a yell!

Of course, Mom heard all the commotion,
Dad had to sit on her…to hold her down;
“It’s Mother’s Day…remember”, Dad said,
So, she tried hard…not to frown.

A new batch of waffles in the toaster,
And, this time…no accident;
They browned exactly right…this time,
Sister was so proud…her smile…radiated!

A dab of butter…here and there,
And a whole lot of maple syrup;
Now, the kitchen began to come alive,
As its aroma…the kitchen…enveloped!

Mom’s tea pot filled with hot water…now,
Then, I added her favorite tea;
This ‘special’ meal was coming together,
Sister and I were as happy as could be!

Everything arranged so nicely,
Upon Mom’s silver tray;
Now, all we needed were strong hands,
To carry it down the hallway.

“Dad, could you come here for a minute?”
And, he was here…quick as a wink;
Yes, Mom would have her BREAKFAST IN BED,
But, not exactly as you’d think!

Dad made it down the hall,
And straight into the bedroom;
Everything was going just as planned,
Then…everything went KABOOM!

For Dad…in all the excitement,
Caught his foot on the edge of a chair;
Down he went…on the floor he landed,
And, the ‘special’ breakfast…straight up…in the air!

Well, you know it didn’t stay there,
For what goes up…must come down;
And, down it came…all over Mom,
Now, she had plenty of reason to frown!

Oh, we expected the very worst,
And, sister began to cry;
This was to be BREAKFAST IN BED,
And, so very hard…we had tried!

Well, Mom let out a very loud,
A very loud laugh…indeed;
Then…we joined in…with laughter,
A good laugh is what we did need.

And, ‘special’…Oh, for sure;
A day to be remembered…forever,
The kind of day where laughter is the only cure!


July 30, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love