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When I was eight years old,
A special party was planned;
Everybody that I knew were coming,
Yes, it would be quite grand!

This wasn’t just for family,
My school friends would also be there;
Oh, there would be all sorts of games,
“Pin the tail on the donkey”…even “musical chairs”.

Everybody was excited…they could hardly wait,
For school to end that day;
Still, the party was one more day away,
Boy, then we would have fun at play!

Mom baked the largest cake,
The largest that I had ever seen;
And then, she decorated it,
With frosting…and filled it with cream!

Dad was busy…too,
Decorations were his part;
And, this year he out-did himself,
Everything was a work of art!

The weather promised to be sunny,
The lawn was cut and trim;
All we had left to do,
Was open the door…and let everybody in!

Very few got any sleep…that night,
Excitement reached an all-time height;
And, everybody got up early,
Even before it got light.

“Oh, no!”…a scream was heard,
Up on the second floor;
And, before I knew it,
Mom was banging on my bedroom door.

“That scream…who screamed?”,
That was all that she could say;
I wondered too…and then I knew,
They weren’t too far away!

The scream…it had come from me,
And, what was I screaming for?
Mom took one look at me…then she knew,
And, almost fell on the floor!

Red spots and botches…everywhere,
Such a shock…we couldn’t believe our eyes;
I had chicken pox all over me,
The fact couldn’t be denied!

Before we knew it…“Ring!” went the phone,
And, it never stopped ringing…for hours;
There was news from all my classmates,
Oh, yes…the kind that overpowers!

It seems that nearly all my guests,
Woke up…to the same thing;
For we all had caught the same germ,
And, we were all kept busy…scratching!

What a sad state of affairs,
My eighth BIRTHDAY PARTY…ruined;
But, Mom and Dad had an idea,
It showed…their heads…they were using!

“We’ll postpone the BIRTHDAY PARTY,
Three more weeks should do it”;
A great idea…I thought…good for them,
They weren’t about to give in and quit!

Have you ever seen ten boys and girls,
All dabbed-up with that ‘pink stuff’?
They tried so hard…not to scratch away,
But, boy…it was rough!

Time passes so very slowly,
When you and all your friends are house-bound;
But, pass it did…finally,
And, we were again making our plans…we found!

So, there had been a postponement,
But, this time it happened without a hitch;
Everybody had a wonderful time,
My BIRTHDAY PARTY…without a single glitch!


June 3, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love