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Oh, I’m a great BIG CRAB,
Not of the land-bound kind;
For, nobody calls me “Crabby”,
Definitely, I’m not that kind!

I’m big and orange in color,
And, I can run real fast;
I’m from the family called Dungeness,
To find another like me…you’d be hard-pressed!

I’ve swam the salt-sea waters,
And, went in and out with each tide;
I don’t know just how long,
I’ve gone back and forth…on this ride!

Sure, I’ve seen many fishing boats,
And, some…my relatives…they took away;
Yet, here I go…on and on,
And, here…I’d like to stay!

So, I’ll just keep enjoying,
Each high and each low tide;
When the ocean is peaceful,
And, when there’s a storm…along the seaside.

Did you know that I really grow,
And, need a new coat every single year?
Yes, I outgrow one…regularly,
And, need a new one…to wear.

My old coat begins to split,
And, all my ‘buttons’ pop;
Then, I must simply step aside,
And, let that old coat drop!

I have emerged…in all my beauty,
In my very bright orange coat;
Now, aren’t I the most splendid fellow,
That your eyes did ever note?!

Yes, all will step aside,
When they see me swimming past;
Oh, they will be truly aghast,
And, we might even say…flabbergast!


June 15, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love