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How do you pass the hours,
When you have naught to do;
I’m sure you look about you,
There must be some things…maybe quite a few!

Yes, there are a lot of things out there,
Oh, so many things that we can do;
When we began our searching,
Our long list just grew and grew!

Do you have a lot of energy,
Activity…is your middle name?
You can’t just sit around…do nothing,
You need more than a puzzle or a game.

I’m sure that there are places,
And large spaces that you can fill;
At our ages…a lot of energy is a rare thing,
Some can do nearly anything that they will.

But, that’s not always the case…you see,
Some of us are totally burned-out;
We’ve worked hard…all of our lives,
“Something easier!”…we shout!

I don’t know what you need,
But, I’ve found my relaxing place;
Why, there’s a lot of seniors…here,
We’re all laid-back…and no need to race!

“Just what is that?”…you might ask,
What could be relaxing and so much fun?
Why, it’s joining all our friends,
And, off to the BINGO hall…we run!

Did I say, “Run”…well maybe,
Or at least…we shuffle…slowly about;
Who ever thought that so many of us,
Would enjoy ourselves…taking this route?

Competition…well, not really,
For it’s all a matter of chance;
I really didn’t think it would be so much fun,
Not…really…at first glance!

As each number is called out,
And, we find it on our cards;
The excitement begins to mount…swiftly,
It’s an easy game…nothing at all that’s hard.

You either have the right numbers…or not,
Why, that is half the fun;
But, there are other reasons for going…too,
It’s seeing our friends…every single one!

So, take a deep breath…and relax,
The excitement will rise…soon enough;
Before you know it…somebody will shout,
BINGO!…BINGO! and wave their arms about!


January 7, 2006

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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