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Oh, to be like a child,
Who can believe for so much;
So loving and unassuming,
The hearts of so many…they can touch.

We had a deep-seated trust,
In what others felt was best;
And, we just believed them,
Never putting them to the test.

I know that when I was very young,
Nothing seemed impossible…to me;
I prayed and many things happened,
When I was down on my knees.

Some of us learned how to pray,
And, others never did;
Whatever our faith was in,
That faith was strong and undaunted.

For some reason…things changed,
And, complicated they became;
We lose that CHILD-LIKE FAITH,
To worldly things…we succumb.

The more we learn…it seems,
The less that we really know;
Is it really worth it…to give up,
CHILD-LIKE FAITH…in order to grow?

Then, when we’re really old,
We begin at last…to see;
We see the importance of simplicity,
With CHILD-LIKE FAITH…I want to be!


June 7, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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