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Have you ever played DRESS-UP,
I mean…even when it’s not Halloween?
It’s so much fun…just any time,
More fun…I’ve never seen!

Of course…it helps a lot,
To be just 4 or 5;
But…hey, anyone can play,
It makes you feel so happy and alive!

Pick a day when you are bored,
Take out your parents’ clothing;
Maybe just their very best,
Perhaps, a necktie…necklace or earrings.

Those pretty high heels will do,
Or, Dad’s old fishing boots;
We can pretend to be just anybody,
And, who will give a hoot?!

One day…I might be a fine lady,
Dressed in the best attire;
A dress of silk…a flowered hat,
I can be anyone that I desire!

Another time…I might be a cowboy,
Big boots…with spurs would do;
A lariat for roping cattle,
And, a large hat…just don’t overdo!

Dress according to whatever mood you’re in,
Maybe different every day;
Be diversified…flexible,
After all…this is only play!

Now, if Mom and Dad are interested,
And, they'd like to get into the act;
Maybe they could take your picture,
It’s ‘bonding’ time…time to interact!

Yes, DRESS-UP can be lots of fun,
Hey…I just had an idea;
It shouldn’t be just for children,
We can all play…every day…throughout the year!


July 13, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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