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What do you think about a hobby,
And, by any chance…do you have one?
I thought they were a waste of time,
But then, I found…they are great fun!

Some people collect postage stamps,
From different places…different countries;
They find it very interesting,
And, really not too costly.

Others like to collect coins,
And, they have quite a few;
Old coins, new coins, rare coins,
Is that what you’d like to do?

Then, there are always antiques,
Usually…the stores are full;
But, a real collector hunts for them,
Garage sales and they’re usually successful.

One man’s junk…is another’s treasure,
For, strange creatures…we be;
What you’d collect…I wouldn’t,
What’s right for you…isn’t necessarily for me!

I thought I’d go out and get one;
I tried so many different things,
For me…there just was none.

But, one day it happened,
As along the beach…I strolled;
There…with the sun shining on it,
A beautiful, clear stone…I did behold.

The sun…was at the right angle,
And, it caused the stone to sparkle;
It looked like a piece of glass,
Or a marble…or a bobble!

When held-up to the sunlight,
A sort of ‘milky-way’ appeared;
It was right there…in the center,
It didn’t look solid…just kind of smeared.

What kind of stone was this?
And then, I spied yet another;
I found them so fascinating,
A simple stone…with such splendor!

Along came a real 'beach-comber',
And, I asked him if he knew;
Just what kind of a stone this was,
For, I saw that he had quite a few.

“Why, it’s an agate, Dearie”,
This old English gentleman said to me;
And then, he closed with,
“It’s a semi-precious stone…you see.”

Oh, my!…I was excited,
As I took home my treasures;
I could hardly wait to go out again,
To go out…on my next endeavor!

But, next time…I’ll bring a pail,
And, I will fill it to the brim;
A 'beach-comber' I would be…just like him!


June 11, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love