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Each season has its own treasures,
And, each are willing to reveal;
What each has to offer,
And, all have amazing appeal!

Do you like Spring best of all,
When new life springs forth?
The cold and harsh winds are over,
No longer do they come from the North.

Oh, the smell of fresh soil,
Just waiting to bring forth;
It makes the heart glad,
As we look for its rebirth.

The animal kingdom flourishes…too,
As their off-spring we do see;
The lambs and new-born colts,
They scamper about…frisky as can be!

And, Summer…what a delight,
Bright colors…all in array;
All…with their finest on display.

Hear the baby birds chirping,
“We’re hungry!”…they say;
Papa and Mama birds are kept busy,
Finding worms…every day.

Take the time to enjoy,
All that each Summer offers;
For ‘twill soon be over,
Get involved…it’s not just for lookers!

Ahh…Fall and harvest time,
And, the fruit of our labor;
We gather in…from all its fullness,
Such a delight…the things we savour!

The lambs are almost full-grown,
And, the colts race with one another;
The baby birds have left the nest,
Independent now…no need for father and mother.

Yes, indeed…a good time,
For some…it’s their favorite;
Even the leaves begin to change color,
Yellow…orange…red and scarlet.

Those cold winds from the North are back,
Winter will soon be…in full-force;
But, we are fully prepared,
For, nature must take it’s course.

There are empty nests…now,
Most of the birds have flown away;
Warmer climates beckon to them,
In the snow…they cannot stay.

The baby animals…babies no longer,
Now, they are almost fully grown,
Their coats are thick and warm,
They are ready to make it on their own.

Yes, we are blessed,
And, that is for sure;
Best of all…we never know the surprise,
Of what each season has in store.

So, what have you decided,
What season do you like best?
FOUR SEASONS!…to choose from,
Yes, we are truly blessed!


May 16, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love