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When I was but a youngster,
I lived in Tennessee;
We were way out in the country,
There wasn’t much to do…for me.

And, where could we go,
Just what was there to see?
Why, miles and miles of miles,
And then…more miles…yes, siree!

Now, I’m exaggerating…because,
Around each bend…was something new;
Many things to be discovered,
And, surprises…quite a few!

Just about the time…we think,
We think we’ve seen it all;
Something quite unexpected shows up,
Yes, something we never before…could recall.

Well, today I was in for a surprise,
And, it happened at the creek;
Something strange was in the water,
I bent over…to take a peek.

In the shallow water…close to the shore,
An unusual rock did protrude;
There was something on it…like a shell,
And to this…I’d like to allude.

I took the rock…to the shore,
To get a better look;
What appeared to be many shells,
Shells all over it…like those I’d seen in books.

Could this really be A FOSSIL,
For, I’d never seen a real one…before;
Well, it sure did look like one,
Now, this wasn’t something I could ignore!

Wondering if there were any others,
Back…into the creek I went;
To solve this great mystery,
On this…my mind was bent!

Farther down the creek…another,
This one had no shells…but ferns;
I’d sure discovered a real treasure,
The kind for which…many had yearned.

So excited…I became,
My heart was pounding…wildly;
I must show my discovery to someone,
I ran home…and that’s putting it mildly!

On the wings of excitement,
I could not walk…but rather…flew;
When a teenager finds a treasure,
Just what else could they do?!

Word of my ‘find’…spread quickly,
From my house…then, all over town;
It was broadcast on the radio and TV,
My!…how the word got around!

“Boy finds rare fossils,
“In the hills of Tennessee;
“Ocean shell and ferns…now extinct,
“This land must have been under the sea.”

Paleontologists came to inquire,
And, they soon had themselves a ‘dig’;
Yes, indeed…quite the findings,
Oh, yes…it was very big!

Not everything has been discovered,
There are still many things…out there;
You might just discover something new,
Maybe not A FOSSIL…but something else that’s rare!


June 21, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love