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Have you ever seen an ice box,
The kind before the electric frig?
They were a wooden box,
And, they were not very big.

Two doors…they did have,
And, two compartments…inside:
One held a huge chunk of ice,
The other…our food…on the other side.

Beneath the ice box,
A tray…to catch the water;
Ice melts rather quickly,
Without the tray…there would be a river!

But, back to my story…now,
And, I’ll try to cut it short;
Sometimes my stories go on and on,
So much longer than they ought!

It was a very hot Summer day,
Not a breeze to be found…anywhere;
`Twas the kind of a day,
Where there seemed to be no air.

Everything was so still,
And…then, all of a sudden a change;
It got very dark…outside,
The wind blew fiercely…it was strange!

We ran inside the house,
Not knowing quite what to expect;
Windows and doors were closed…quickly,
Even ourselves…we needed to protect.

I remember the couch being pushed,
Up…against the front door;
A dresser…in front of our large window,
Then, we got down on the floor.

Nobody said a single word,
As the wind…outside…howled;
Tree branches were whipping back and forth,
Our dog “Patches”…just laid on the floor and growled.

Yes, indeed…strange things were happening,
Something I’d not seen before…nor since;
We sat there…on the floor,
We could do naught…but wince!

“Oh, come and see!”, my Mom exclaimed,
For she had looked out of the window;
Tree branches went sailing past our porch,
OUR “FLYING” ICE BOX…sailed past…also.

What a sight to behold,
Everything swirling around…outside;
Much like a carousel…without the horses,
Or, like a whirlpool…caught-up in a tide!

“What is it, Mom…what is it?”
Now, I was really alarmed;
“I think it’s a hurricane”, my Mom said,
“We’re safe in here…we won’t be harmed.”
Yes, I’ll always remember,
The hurricane of 1939;
I was just a little kid,
Almost 3 years old…at that time.

Some say that such a young child,
Couldn’t remember such a thing;
But, I was…and I do,
I remember OUR “FLYING” ICE BOX!


July 7, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love