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Once upon a time,
In a land… far away;
There lived a lonely girl,
All alone…she was…every day.

And…in that very city,
Lived another lonely girl;
Two lonely girls…certainly,
Listen…while my story unfurls.

One day it happ’d that both of them,
Had gone to the park…for a walk;
What are their chances of meeting,
In a city as big as New York?

And, it happ’d that both had puppies,
One was big…the other…small;
But, that was okay…because,
One girl was short…the other…tall!

In so many ways…so different,
But, the loneliness…they had in common;
Yet, here they were…this day,
If not for their puppies…they might never have spoken.

And, as chance would have it,
The big puppy got away;
He ran straight for the little puppy,
“Hello”…he wanted to say!

Their noses met…and they sniffed,
So excited…both became;
“We’ll pull them apart”…thought the girls,
But, then they decided to join in…play their game.

Being shy is hard to overcome,
Yet, it takes only one;
One to start…one to respond,
Then, they discovered it was great fun!

The puppies brought them together,
Now, their friendship began to grow;
They went everywhere…together,
Where one went…the other would also go.

This friendship went on for a long time,
The puppies grew and the girls did…too;
Like two peas in a pod…they were,
But, were soon to go through something new.

Yes, one day they happ’d to disagree,
And, this was hard to handle;
It’s something they’d not experienced before,
Oh, they had quite a squabble!

Each went in a different direction,
They dragged their puppies…behind;
Both of them were very upset,
And, the puppies? Well, they just whined.

They didn’t see each other,
For many and many a day;
They missed each other…terribly,
Still, neither would say!

Each thought they would be FOREVER FRIENDS,
Little did they…yet know;
That friendships must be tested,
And, that’s how they will grow!

They weighed things carefully,
Each…within their minds;
And, both came to the same conclusion,
That their friendship was the lasting kind.

So, if you have a real ‘friend’,
Understand that…you won’t always agree;
It’s okay to have a different opinion,
That’s what a FOREVER FRIEND is…you see!


June 2, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love