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Have you ever seen a garden,
Filled with vegetables of all kinds?
And, did you ever wish you had one,
Let’s plant A GARDEN…before you change your mind!

Of course, the soil needs preparation,
It must be soft…for young roots;
For seeds will quickly germinate,
And, up…the plants will shoot!

Break up the clumps…till the soil,
Add compost…if you have it;
Don’t over-do…now,
Mix in just a little bit!

Perhaps you’ve started seeds inside,
When Winter was just leaving;
Then, the seedlings would be ready,
All ready for the planting.

Or you could buy your tiny plants,
But, they cost so much more;
Just like anything else,
They cost more…from a store.

Also, you have the option,
Of buying packages of seeds;
So many varieties are available,
Something to meet each individual need.

Now is the time for planting,
In whatever way you choose;
But, be careful how you plant them,
And, you simply cannot lose!

What is of most importance,
Is that you add lots of tender, loving care;
Plants are living things…and as such,
They'll respond and an abundant crop they’ll bear.

Each hour that you spend,
Watering and pulling up the weeds;
Is time very well spent,
And, you’ll be rewarded for your deeds!

So, enjoy your garden…fully,
Long months of joy…it will bring;
A rich harvest you will have,
When you plant A GARDEN…in the Spring!


May 29, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love