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Do you have a GOLDFISH POND,
Somewhere…back in your past?
Did it mean a lot to you,
And, its memory…you’d like to last?

I’ll tell you my story,
And, then you can see;
Perhaps you’d like to start,
A tradition…like me!

Many years ago…so many years ago,
My Gramma had a goldfish;
Oh, he was very pretty,
Pretty as any that you could wish!

I don’t remember his name,
Although…I’m sure he had one;
He would swim to the top of his bowl…to be fed,
And, feeding him was great fun!

Alas…the time soon came,
When he out-grew his bowl;
Gramma didn’t know what to do,
But, a new home for him…was her goal.

Grampa dug a deep hole,
In the garden…one day;
Then, Gramma made many trips to the lake,
Where she scooped-up a lot of clay.

She lined the hole…making it smooth,
It took her many days;
And, what a fine job it was,
Gramma got plenty of praise.

After it was filled with water,
Gramma went back down to the lake;
Water lilies…were next on her list,
And, what a beautiful pond…she did make!

Now, it was time to bring the goldfish,
Out back…to his new home;
Such a big pond for one goldfish,
He had far too much space…to roam!

Well, off to get more goldfish,
This one needed some friends;
Now, Gramma had so many things to do,
A beautiful garden and pond…to tend.

The years…they passed swiftly,
Naturally, the goldfish had grown;
And, they had also multiplied,
As…all of nature is so…prone!

Many goldfish were too big…now,
So, what to do with them:
Why…find a larger home…a bigger pond,
That’s the only solution…then.

Off to Coggshall Park…now,
Yes, this was Gramma’s plan;
It would soon become a very large GOLDFISH POND,
It’s crystal-clear water…beckoned!

Yes, to this very day…years later,
People still come to see;
All the very large goldfish swimming `round the pond,
And, this is a true story!


Coggshall Park

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

In 1894 Henry Coggshall gave the City of Fitchburg 40 acres and $1000 to purchase more land as needed for this beautiful park. With its grounds beautified for its 100 year anniversary in 1994, it is a favorite place for picnics and hiking, as well as a haven for swans, ducks and children!


June 6, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love