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Remember when you were tiny,
Just learning how to walk?
You fell down so many times,
It was harder than when you learned to talk.

Now, talking…that was easy,
“Ma Ma”… “Da Da”…and they loved it!
“Goo – Goo”…and “Ga – Ga” wasn’t enough…though,
When you’re ‘older’…it just doesn’t fit!

My goodness…life moves fast,
From the day of our birth;
The struggle begins early,
To prove…our self-worth!

But, back to the talking…walking,
It’s but the first step;
So much to learn…so fast,
But, I can do it…I bet!

At least…it’s what I’m told;
I’ll have to take their word for it,
Maybe their wiser…just because they’re old.

Once I’ve mastered walking,
Perhaps…I’ll learn to run;
It must be very hard to do,
But, it looks like it might be fun!

I hope that’s all I have to learn,
It seems like quite a bit;
Yes, these are THE GROWING YEARS,
But, already…I’ve had enough of it!!!


June 23, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love