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Oftimes…it has been spoken,
“HOME is where the heart is”;
Truer words were never spoken,
Spoken…down through the ages!

Yes, there are houses of luxury,
Some as grand as a castle;
Wooden buildings and brick,
Even a few made out of marble.

Then, there's your 'average' house,
Made up of wood and plaster;
Paint and wallpaper…everywhere,
Still, homelife could be a disaster.

Then, there are some more lowly,
Made out of dirt or clay;
Some…maybe a simple tent,
Or cardboard…by the roadway.

Be it elegant or simple,
One ingredient is there…or not;
It’s ‘Love’…a matter of the heart,
‘Love’…and it simply can’t be bought.

A house is just a building,
And, it can be mighty cold…inside;
Or maybe it’s a warm place,
But, a HOME…well, that’s denied.

How many of us are truly blessed,
To live in a real HOME?
With a heart of ‘Love’ at the center,
For sure…nobody would ever want to roam!


June 14, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love