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Do you know that a hamster,
Makes a very fine pet?
Come along with me…I’ll tell you,
How HARRY THE HAMSTER and I…first met.

I was 10 years old,
Just about 100 years ago(!),
I needed to learn responsibility,
My Mom said…in order for me to grow.

“A hamster would be a nice pet,”
My Mom…made that comment;
Me…I wasn’t all that sure,
And, I think she knew just what I meant.

“They need too much care”…said I,
“And, I’m not prepared to give it;
“I’m too busy climbing trees…and things,
“My free time…a hamster would limit.”

But, Mom convinced me…slightly,
And, to the pet store…we did go;
I was beginning to like the idea,
But, I didn’t want it to show!

My…Oh, my……100 hamsters,
Some curled-up in a ball…asleep;
Others going round and round on a ‘wheel’,
While others were piled-up…in a heap!

“Look at this one”, Mom said,
“This one is so very cute;
“Why, look at the strange colors on this one,
“And, this one…what a big brute!”

But, my eyes kept going back,
To one…who sat in the corner;
His hair unkept…he was a sight,
He didn’t look like any of the others.

My Mom saw where I was looking,
“Why, that one’s a hairy mess”;
For sure…this one wasn’t ‘cute’,
And, he didn’t pass Mom’s test!

“Maybe so”… I was quick to answer,
“But, this one is the very best;
“I think he is ‘different’,
“And, I like him more than all the rest.”

That settled it…for certain,
Still, Mom was quick to ask;
“What would you ever call such a one,
“He’s ugly…and would need to wear a mask!”

Oh, yes…I knew for sure…now,
This ‘hairy’ one…was just for me;
“I’ll call him HARRY THE HAMSTER,
“He’s ugly and awkward…just like me!”

HARRY THE HAMSTER and I became great friends,
I took him everywhere…in my pocket;
A great little ‘conversation piece’,
And, with the girls…quite the hit!



June 15, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love