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I’d like to tell you who I am;
My name is Matthew Thomas,
And, on my next birthday…I’ll be ten.

I just learned how to write letters,
And, this is my very first;
I have so very much to say,
And, I must…or I shall burst!

You’ll probably remember me,
For I’ve said many prayers to You;
Somehow, I feel like You’re a Friend,
So, I wanted my first letter to be to You!

I’d like to thank You…first of all,
For hearing and answering my prayers;
Even…at my age…it’s good to know,
That Somebody out there…really cares.

The first thing on my long list,
And, I hope that you don’t mind;
I’m asking…please…for peace on earth,
Good will towards others…teach us how to be kind.

And, in our city…there are needs,
Some people without homes;
And, children without enough food to eat,
Sometimes…they are feeling all alone.

Please show us…how we can help them,
Let us lend a helping hand;
Teach us good, sound values,
And, for what is right…to take a stand.

HEAVENLY FATHER, as You can see…my list is long,
And, I hope You don’t mind a little more;
I’m sure that You see these needs,
Not just when I pray…but, even before.

Please watch over those who must fight,
To defend our liberty…our freedom;
Give their loved-ones peace of mind,
While they are far away from them.

I hope that You can read my spelling,
This is my first letter…You see;
But, I’ll soon learn better,
So, please be patient with me.

I thank You for listening,
To my very long list;
I’m so happy I can write to You,
Signed: Matthew Thomas!


Dedicated to our son Matthew Thomas…with us for just 18 hours.
With our LORD…forever!

January 14, 1967


June 17, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Thank You

Danny Hahlbohm - Inspired-Art

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