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I love to play all kinds of games,
Some are inside and some outdoors;
But, the games that know no limit,
I love them…even more.

HIDE & GO SEEK…is such a game,
And, I guess that I must admit;
This is a game that I really like,
In fact…it’s my favorite!

It’s a lot of fun to try to find,
A friend who plays with you;
They try their very best to hide,
Just as you do…too.

Sometimes it does get boring,
When they hide the same place o`er and o`er;
And, to try to look surprised,
When you find them…such a chore!

But, give me two minutes,
And, I can find the best place;
They just might never find me,
Probably because I can hide in a small space.

Sometimes there’s just two of us,
And, sometimes half a dozen;
But, I’m telling you…the best fun,
Is when I hide on all my cousins.

There are twelve of us…in all,
And, sometimes a game will last all day;
One time…I hid ‘forever’,
Yes, I thought they had all gone away!

But, finally I was discovered,
Again…I was the very last;
Why it took so long…I don’t know,
Because, many times…right near me, they passed.

Let’s face it…I was good,
And, just I…knew the reason why;
I never hid…twice, in the same place,
Oh, yes…I was very sly!

Whether inside…or outdoors,
I ran fast…then doubled-back;
They didn’t know what direction I went,
Nope…I didn’t cut them any slack!

You’d think they would have tired,
Of playing HIDE & GO SEEK;
But, they never seemed to,
Although we played it nearly every week.

All my cousins were much older,
Yes, they were in their teens;
Me…well, I was just a toddler,
They couldn’t ignore me and be mean!

So, week after week…they came by,
And, week after week…they humored me;
Just why they kept stopping by,
I could not…yet, foresee.

When I got older…however,
I gave it a lot of thought;
Many things went through my head,
But, the real truth…I sought.

Did my ‘older’ cousins take all day,
To find me…when I was ‘lost’;
Because they wanted to play amongst themselves,
And, let me stay ‘lost’…at any cost?

Or, perhaps I fell asleep,
Lying in my hiding place;
And, they searched all day long,
Afraid to tell my parents the news…face to face?!

I guess that I’ll never know for sure,
And, for sure…they won’t tell;
HIDE & GO SEEK…my favorite game,
And, that fact can’t be dispelled!


July 12, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love