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In my time…I’ve seen many hot days,
But, never before…one quite like this;
The only cool place was in a lake,
About this time…I wished that I was a fish!

Not a single breeze…anywhere,
The trees stood tall…and still;
The streets and sidewalks…red-hot,
Much like a BBQ grill!

‘Twas voiced around…a grill they were,
For…on them you could fry an egg;
Every living creature needed water,
And, for water…they all did beg.

“Get out the fire trucks,
“Open up the fire hydrants;
“Let water pour-out…fill the streets,
“We need to cool-down…this very instant!”

Yes, our Mayor was so right,
Things had reached the boiling point;
People had cross-tempers that flared,
The voters…he’d not disappointed.

This was before air conditioning,
And, a city can get pretty hot;
This was indeed THE HOTTEST DAY,
And, the old folks had seen a whole lot!

Now, children ran into the streets,
And, everybody joined them;
Splash…splash…in the cool water,
Everything peaceful now…no problem!

Yes, I think that I shall always remember,
The very hot Summer of 1945;
And, especially THE HOTTEST DAY,
When into the fire hydrant water…I did dive!


June 17, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love