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Everybody loves a parade,
And, I remember quite a few;
But, the one that stands out the most,
Was at the end of World War II.

A few days earlier,
And, much to everyone’s surprise;
Bells were ringing…horns were blowing,
There were tears in everyone’s eyes.

What had happened…I didn’t know,
But, I was soon to learn;
The war was finally over,
Victory had now been earned.

Long years of battling were at an end,
The price showed on each face;
Everybody had given something,
The scars were deep…not to be erased.

Thousand had paid the ultimate,
There were many white crosses on the hill;
Many hearts were broken,
And, mend…they never will.

But, it was finally over,
Peace on earth had been restored;
Excitement was all around us,
And, my…how our spirits did soar!

Festivities of all sorts were planned,
In each family, city…across the nation;
Each one of us breathed a sigh of relief,
Then, we planned our celebrations.

Mom made a special meal,
She invited the neighbors in;
Each one brought something fancy,
Even though our supplies had been worn thin.

There was dancing in the streets,
Everybody loved one another;
Differences were laid aside,
Now…we were all brothers.

We had a common goal,
The battle had made us one;
We had endured the hard times,
Now, it was time for fun!

And, each city across the land,
Had their own special plan;
There were speeches to be made,
Something for each child, woman and man.

There would be a giant barbecue,
Pastries and all sorts of sweets;
A band concert in the town square,
And, dancing in the streets.

A parade was planned…too,
Who would march in it…was arranged;
The high school band would play,
Oh, there would be such an array!

And, our nation…as a whole,
Was making its plans…too;
Get our fighting soldiers home,
That was the first thing to do.

Their loved-ones were first to greet them,
Long months and years took their toll;
But, now they were home once again,
They had accomplished their goal.

Later, there would be a parade,
Unlike any we’d ever seen;
A ticker-tape parade…for sure,
Unlike any we’d ever dreamed!

With flags waving in the breeze;
We have a whole lot to celebrate,
And, our freedom is one of these!

Let’s remember those who paid the price,
Also, those…who still do;
We’re thankful for their sacrifice,
Remember this when you say…


May 15, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love