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Many, many years ago,
When I was just about five;
We looked forward…every week,
To THE ICE MAN…as by our house, he would drive.

Way before refrigeration,
Each house had an ‘ice box’;
We would buy a large chunk of ice,
Although these days…it would be quite unorthodox.

But, back then…things were simpler,
With many things…still to invent;
Just with daily living,
All our time and energy were spent.

Even an ‘ice box’…considered a luxury,
Better than what our ancestors had;
A real ‘ice box’ in our house,
For that…they would have been really glad!

So, my sister and I would wait,
In the front of our house…each Wednesday;
And, when THE ICE MAN came ‘round the bend,
We’d tell our Mom and close by her side we’d stay.

Mom would show the way to our ‘ice box’,
And, when THE ICE MAN was gone;
Out would come the ice pick,
Mom chipped off a small piece…for us to chew upon.

Ah, for the simple things of life,
Before things got so complex!
Have we really gone forward,
Perhaps backward…what a perplex!

There came a day…in later years,
When Mom got a refrigerator;
My…this was quite the invention,
And, change was just around the corner!

The ‘ice box’ no longer needed,
On the back porch…it stood;
Unlike the shiny new refrigerator,
The old ‘ice box’ was made of wood.

A few people still needed,
THE ICE MAN and his ice;
Faithfully, his horse would pull the cart,
Each stop along the way…he knew precise!

But, the day was soon approaching,
When…for his ice…there was no need;
Retirement time for THE ICE MAN,
And, for his horse…his faithful steed!

People come into our lives,
And then, life moves on;
People fade into the distance,
But, the memory of them is never totally gone!


June 1, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love