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(A true story!)

Did you know that JOHNNY APPLESEED,
Wasn’t just a legend from the past?
He was a real-live man,
And, the tales about him…are vast!

Well, I was born in the same *city,
Although a small *town…in his day;
I went to school with one of his descendants,
That’s how I know…what I’m about to say.

JOHNNY APPLESEED had a real name,
John Chapman…was he;
And, he had a ‘mission’ in life,
That was…to plant apple trees.

You see…way back in those days,
Apple trees were few and far between;
So, he purposed…in his heart,
That he would help…would intervene.

Pioneers were heading West,
Johnny gave them seeds to take along;
He had a ‘mission’ to do this,
And, that ‘mission’ became very strong!

So strong…in fact…it changed him,
No longer a farmer…would he be;
For he was heading West…too,
To plant more apple trees!

He decided to travel light,
Possessions…he had but few;
A pot for cooking and his Bible,
And, one large sack of apple seeds…would do.

Some times he traveled with wagon trains,
Sometimes he was all alone;
But, he made friends wherever he went,
As his apple seeds…he’d sown.

There were time he would stop awhile,
At least…three years it would take;
Plant his seeds…then, he would have to wait,
For apples to come forth…more seeds to make.

Then, he would be off again,
His pot and his Bible in hand;
With another large sack of apple seeds,
To spread out…across the land.

Now, when you eat an apple,
Be glad that he had a ‘mission’;
This John Chapman…the legendary,

(*The town/city: Leominster, Massachusetts - John Chapman was born there, and I was too!)


June 12, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love