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Down in the swamp,
Beneath a giant lily pad;
Lived a pretty…lady bullfrog,
Be warned…she had a protective Dad!

Many frogs had come a-courting,
But, Dad gave them all the boot;
Nobody was good enough for his ‘Milly’,
Dad was an ornery old coot!

His ‘Milly’…a real ‘keeper’,
Her beauty known all over the country-side;
But, the way her Dad acted,
Made ‘Milly’ want to hide!

How would she ever,
Have a family of her own?
Dad scared all her beau away,
Now, older…she had grown.

Still, she was very pretty,
And, one would sometimes try;
To court our ‘Miss Milly’,
Until, her Dad…they did spy.

In order to win ‘Miss Milly’,
They must first win her Dad;
One handsome beau decided,
Yes, figured it out…he had!

Our handsome beau brought gifts,
First, a plump fly that he had caught;
Of course…he gave it to her Dad,
And, all the other gifts he brought.

Before you knew it…Dad was smiling,
His big belly full of treats;
So, he lowered his guard,
And, ‘Miss Milly’…our beau did meet.

A formal introduction…of course,
Dad was pleased to do it;
And, it was love at first sight,
Our beau made quite a hit!

Dad helped to plan their wedding,
He invited all the guests;
Yes, our beau was accepted,
For he had passed Dad’s test.

Our ‘Miss Milly’ had her name changed,
Now…‘MRS. FROGGY’ she would be;
The reception followed later,
Such a happy couple…all had to agree!

The swamp is still there,
And, the giant lily pad;
Mr. and ‘MRS. FROGGY’…live happily,
With about one hundred off-spring…and Dad!


May 24, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love