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“Let’s play MAKE BELIEVE”,
My sister said to me;
Then, my brother joined right in,
And, he said, “Whoopie!”

Brother was much younger,
But, this game…he had learned to play;
They were both quite adamant,
So, what could I say?

Brother took the initiative,
He plowed-on…right ahead;
“Who am I?”…he shouted,
As his eyes rolled `round and `round in his head.

We guessed for fifteen minutes,
Everything we thought possible;
Still, we didn’t have the answer,
Our attempts seemed rather feeble.

“Oh, you should know this one”, he said,
“For my eyes are a clue”;
“I’m a juggler”, he shouted,
“They’re following the balls…that’s what they do!”

Now, it was sister’s turn,
She grabbed a doll and held it close;
“Who am I…who am I?” she asked,
Not too hard for us to suppose!

“Why, you’re a Mom!” both of us shouted,
“How did you guess so soon?”
Sister wasn’t too happy,
She picked an easy one…her misfortune!

Now, it was my turn,
Oh, what shall I pick…today?
I’d played this game so many times,
I didn’t quite know what to say.

I got down upon my knees,
And, the answers began to fly;
“You’re a Nun…you’re praying”,
“No, not me”…I replied.

“Then, you must be washing,
Washing the kitchen floor”;
No, that wasn’t it…either,
And, I said, “Guess some more.”

“I give up!”…both shouted,
“Well, I’m planting lots of flowers”;
They were getting tired…now,
But, I could have played for hours!

Well, being so much younger,
They both had become bored;
I needed to do something new,
Something new…so therefore……

Therefore, I reminded them,
That this was only MAKE BELIEVE;
But, the truth of the matter is,
We can become…all we want to be.

It may take years of training,
But, it begins with that first step;
Small steps…steady steps,
Straight on and no let-up!

While a child…maybe it's MAKE BELIEVE,
But, it need not…forever be so;
We can be anything we want to,
And, that’s great to know!


June 3, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love