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Do you like a lot of color,
Or is your world black and white?
Personally, the more color…the better,
Ahhhhh… it’s such a delight!

Take flowers…as an example,
Don’t you like a variety?
If they were all red, pink, or blue,
Now, wouldn’t that be a pity?

If everything we ate was orange,
And, all we drank was yellow;
Goodness…gracious…how dull,
We'd be such a bored gal or fellow!

What if I liked red jelly beans,
And, they were only green;
Maybe all milk would be chocolate,
Now, do you see what I mean?

And, if we all lived the same,
In the same colored home;
How would we tell which one was our's?
Back and forth…up and down we would roam.

Yes…how about a rainbow,
Maybe just 'clear' in color?
We wouldn’t even see it,
It would be plain…without any features.

If we all looked the same,
How hard it would be;
How would we tell if I looked like you,
Or if you looked like me?

What if all of us had skin that was black,
Or white…yellow…or red?
What a dull life it would be,
I think it’s something I would dread.

Varity is the 'spice of life',
Without it…everything’s so plain;
How would you like to live that way,
Where everything is dull…drab…mundane?

I think that life was never meant,
To be so 'ho-hum' and boring;
MANY COLORS were added to everything,
Color…rich color…and overflowing!

That’s how beauty is expressed;
Rich colors…MANY COLORS,
Look all around you…see how we are blessed!


June 9, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love