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(Meet the 'family'.)

What a great day this has been,
For I met someone very special;
Why my friend Petey liked her,
Was certainly…understandable!

Yes, after all these years,
I finally met the ‘family’;
Mrs. Petey and their one off-spring,
She came right up to me…so friendly!

Petey was so proud to show me,
His family…on full display;
But, something happened…soon,
And, I’d see more than expected that day.

Their off-spring…not exactly ‘little’ anymore,
Yes, it was time that he acted grown up;
The parents were trying to wean him,
It was time for him to find his own sup.

Well, the off-spring squawked,
And then…he squawked some more;
With such a large off-spring,
Feeding him…had become quite a chore.

It was time for him to grow-up,
Still, he didn’t want to try;
They tried everything…but,
Yes, indeed...he were pretty sly!

If squawking wasn’t quite enough,
He would feign a fainting spell;
He'd grow weak…fall over,
The parents ignored him…even when he fell!

It was funny to watch…for me,
But, not so funny for Petey and the Mrs.;
Their off-spring should have done,
Should have done much better…for his age.

Perhaps, as parents…they did too much,
For I could see them weaken;
Occasionally, they’d give him food,
When a firm stance…they should have taken.

But, aren’t all parents like that,
When will we ever learn?
They’ll never grow-up,
If we cannot be stern!

Still, I’m glad…I finally met them,
I’d heard so much…for so long;
I’m glad that I did MEET MRS. PETEY,
It was wonderful…how we got along!


July 17, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love