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How many times have you ridden,
Round and round…you did go;
Up and down…all around,
On that thing called a MERRY-GO-ROUND?

Oh, they can be great fun,
And, we enjoy them…as a child or youth;
Not so much…as we grow older,
And, that certainly is a truth.

A different MERRY-GO-ROUND…we board,
As we get older…things change;
We can climb aboard indecision,
And, hold tightly to its reins!

Are you on a MERRY-GO-ROUND,
Apparently…going nowhere?
Your mind swings back and forth,
With life getting harder and harder to bear?

This MERRY-GO-ROUND is no fun at all,
We’d like to get off…for sure;
But, stay on it…we must,
‘Til so tired of it…that we take the cure.

Indecisive…indecision…can't make up our minds,
Round and round we go;
When we do make a decision…though,
That’s when we begin to grow.

Just little decisions at first,
Nothing big or earth-shattering;
Try it…very slowly at first,
Then, watch how fast you’re growing.

A sign of maturity…’tis said,
When…wise decisions we make;
We can’t stay children…forever,
But, that grown-up MERRY-GO-ROUND…we can forsake!


August 25, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love