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One day…on our vacation,
We went in our car to see;
All the things that tourists like,
And, something that we didn’t foresee!

We had happ`d upon a small town,
Not thinking they had any attractions;
We needed more gas for the car,
Then, we’d be back…in action!

“So, come to see THE MONSTER TRUCK?”,
The gas attendant inquired;
We’d never heard of such a think,
And, questions…back at him…we fired.

“Oh, it’s a big truck that’s used to haul,
A huge load of iron ore;
In the Summer, folks come to see it,
Yup, THE MONSTER TRUCK handles quite the chore!”

So, we got directions to follow,
To find this gigantic thing;
But, we really didn’t need directions,
It’s where everybody was heading.

This small town had but one attraction,
So, pedal to the metal,
Off we went…lickitty-split!

WOW!…there it stood,
Big enough for a giant to ride;
Long as a football field…it was,
And, nearly that wide!

But, that was nothing…really,
For when you stood beside it;
Even the tires were above your head,
I had to catch my breath…for a moment!

What do you suppose…this giant was called?
Why, it’s not really a surprise;
Goliath…yes, `tis true,
THE MONSTER TRUCK… was quite the prize!


June 8, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Our Photo

Hubby (6 foot, 3 inches) next to THE MONSTER TRUCK!