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“I’ll take that big bunny,
And, that cute one…over there”;
They were very pretty…white in color,
And, such very long hair!

‘California Fancy’…I was told,
And, I’d never seen any quite so pretty;
They wiggled their pink noses,
And, they hopped about…so frisky!

After running back and forth,
The two rabbits…were caught;
And, to their fancy hutch,
They were finally brought.

For weeks…we had been building,
A hutch fit for a king;
There was a wired fence outside,
And, soft hay inside…for bedding.

There were two round bowls,
One for food and one for water;
With plenty of room to add on,
If needed…in the future.

Now, was the time to pick out names,
For our two fancy bunnies;
What would be good names,
For two…who were so frisky?

I always liked “Peter Rabbit”,
The story, I heard…when very young;
So, that settled it… ‘Peter’,
A very good name…for one.

I thought about “Peter Rabbit”,
‘Peter’ and maybe ‘Pat’;
‘Pete’ and ‘Pat’…I liked it,
So, that settled…that!

Long Summer days…I spent outdoors,
I’d sit on the lawn…beneath a shady tree;
‘Pete’ and ‘Pat’…I’d take along,
And, they would trim the lawn for me!

My…how they enjoyed fresh grass,
Sometimes…a clover or two!
Their noses would twitch back and forth,
As their little mouths did chew!

Fall was soon upon us,
My…how the wind did blow!
We moved the hutch inside our shed,
For, very soon…it would snow.

And, that was none too soon,
For, ‘Pete’ and ‘Pat’ had a surprise;
They soon became parents,
We could hardly believe our eyes!

Not just one or two bunnies,
But, would you believe eight?
Their hutch needed an addition…now,
And, it could not wait!

Very busy parents…now,
‘Pete’ and ‘Pat’ had no free time;
Before we knew it,
Out of the hutch…the bunnies tried to climb!

The addition now…completed,
And, it was very welcomed;
Such a nice family…they were,
All ten of them…so handsome!


May 30, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love