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I don’t know how it was,
When you first went to school;
Some small children look forward to that day,
But, not all…as a rule.

Being the oldest child in my family,
There were many things that I’d do first;
Not all things were pleasant,
Quite a few things were the very worst!

Oh, I had a nice dress to wear,
And, my hair was combed just right;
My shoes were newly polished,
Yes, I was a pretty sight!

Still, fear crept right in,
Tying my tummy into knots;
I wanted to run…to hide,
But, I knew that I could not.

Some things just must be faced,
Even if we have to be dragged;
And, I’ve been dragged so many times,
I really cannot brag!

With all of Mom’s coaxing,
And, all her begging and pleading;
Still, I had a mind of my own,
And, to her…I was not heeding!

We got to the school yard,
And, it didn’t get any better;
If I said that it did,
I’d be nothing but a liar!

I didn’t notice the children,
Those who were laughing…having fun;
I only saw those who were frightened,
Just those who wanted to run!

Some of them were crying,
They held their Moms in a death-grip;
Others were sucking their thumbs,
While, still others were biting their lip.

Me?…well, I finally thought it all silly,
And, to fear it…so foolish I’d been;
I decided to accept it all…to take that first step,
Toward growing up…to me, it had not been unforeseen.

So, I took that first BIG step…out of childhood,
And, I have never wanted to go back;
MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL…my turning point,
Hey!…now I was on the right track!

So, if you have something that you fear,
Just take that BIG step…too;
The fear will disappear…really,
Come on now…that’s the thing to do!


July 7, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love