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Let me tell you a story,
A story…of how I came to be;
Once, I was but a worm,
Crawling around…that was me!

Life down here was not so desirable,
I had to grub around for food;
Tasty leaves were hard to come by,
Oftimes, it was something very crude.

But, thankfully it wasn’t forever,
For the day soon came,
A strange thing began to happen;
A cocoon formed around me…I’d never be the same!

Well, just how long I stayed inside,
I really do not know,
It was dark…but cozy,
And, at this time…I began to grow.

My outer layer became too small,
I thought my sides would split;
And, one day that’s exactly what happened,
The cocoon…I just wanted out of it!

Now, if someone had helped me out,
And, I didn’t have to struggle;
I wouldn’t be here…right now,
It’s the struggle that’s so valuable!

As with all of God’s creation,
The struggle causes us to grow;
And, if this wasn’t the truth,
Then, He would have told us so.

With the struggle…we grow stronger,
Develop muscles…that we’ll later need;
So, when you see someone struggling,
Remember…it’s not always best to intercede.

A little help…along the way,
Might be just what they need;
But, too much help…isn’t really help,
There’s a real ‘balance’…indeed!

Oh…happy day!…as the cocoon fell away,
I left behind that lifeless thing;
Now, I feel so very different,
It seems that I have something called ‘wings’!

Right now…they’re folded,
And, still…very wet;
But, soon…they will dry off,
So far…they just haven’t dried…yet.

These things take awhile…I guess,
So, patient…I will be;
Everything is for a good reason,
And, just for what…soon…I shall see!

I struggle…again…to walk about,
My ‘wings’ are still not working;
Oh…I can hardly wait,
To see what it’s like…to fly…no longer walking!

Ah…at last! All is in order,
I’ll go for my first flight;
Slow at first….then, I shall soar,
Free to fly the heavens…such a delight!

We all have a butterfly within us,
It’s trying to break-out…to be free;
Once we do…we can say,
MY LIFE AS A BUTTERFLY…is the ‘real’ me!


June 21, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love