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(This is a real recipe...enjoy!)

Oh…another rainy day,
And, boredom could set in;
But, Mom had other plans for us,
That ole boredom wouldn’t win!

“Let’s make up some cookies,
We’ll give your Dad a treat;
There’s nothing quite like cookies,
When you’d like something to eat!”

I thought that was a great idea,
“I’ll get out the cookie sheets;
We’ll need oven-mitts, too” I said,
“To bake these sweet treats.”

“Get out the cookie sheets…for sure”,
My Mom said to me;
“But, we won’t need the oven-mitts,

Wow! I thought…this is something new,
For, I had never heard of these…before;
But, it sounded like a lot of fun,
NO-BAKE COOKIES…fun…for sure!

Now, this is for a very large batch,
You might want to cut it back a bit;
You’ll need a large bowl…certainly,
To mix up all of it.



Large pot: (Makes about 3 dozen)
1 ½ C. margarine 1 ½ C. milk
4 ½ C. sugar 1 C. cocoa or peanut butter
2 tsp. vanilla

Boil (15 minutes?) until beginning to burn on. Stir constantly.

Add 9 C. dry oats. Stir well.

Drop onto greased cookie sheets, by tablespoons, to cookie size.

Cool. Let stand over-night......Delicious!


Well, we had to wait over-night,
For our delicious snack;
But, I got to lick the spoon and bowl,
And…my! how my lips did smack!!!

Bedtime…it wasn't so bad…this night,
For we had something 'special' the next day;
Breakfast…lunch…then dinner…dragged by,
Patient…we could no longer stay!

Dad was home from work…now,
Our 'special' treat…was brought out;
So delicious…those no-bake cookies,
And, we were so proud we'd helped Mom out!


June 13, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love