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While on my daily walk,
Down by the old mill pond;
I saw something unusual,
A strange sight…I happ`d upon.

There…in the midst of the pond,
Just beyond the tall cattails;
There were Mallard ducks nesting,
Each were paired-off…female and male.

And, right there…in the middle,
What do you suppose…I saw?
Well, big as life…there she was,
I just stood there…in awe!

She was pretty as could be,
Yes, she was of the barnyard kind;
White and tall…poised,
In the city…not what you’d expect to find.

Wherever did she come from,
Had she spent the Winter there?
Or did she migrate with the Mallards,
Just where did she spend her Winter…where?

Many questions to be answered,
But, her secret…she’d not divulge;
So, because of her wish for privacy,
Her wish…I would just have to indulge!

Could she have flown South,
Were her wings large enough to lift;
To lift her heavy body,
Or did she…down the water-way…drift?

Well, she still was not saying,
So, what could I do?
Was it really that important,
To know what was true?

Today was so very pleasant,
No problems…needed here;
So, I sat down to enjoy the ducks,
And, before long…they came near.

Some of the couples had a surprise,
Little ducklings followed them;
‘Fluffy’…little balls of fuzz,
With the parents’ eyes always upon them.

And then, to my amazement,
What did my eyes behold?
Why, there was Mamma White Duck,
And, her ducklings were not very old!

Daddy Mallard was soon to follow,
He brought up the rear;
Such a handsome family,
And, with Daddy around…nothing to fear!

Now, some of the ducklings were light-colored,
And, some of them were dark;
Each one so very handsome,
I just had to make that remark.

My soft voice…startled them,
And, back to their nests they went;
To scare them away,
Was the last thing that I had meant.

But, wild creatures are just that,
Wild…that’s what they are;
I can view from afar!


June 3, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love