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Picture this…it was during the war,
And, everything was hard to get;
Besides…we lived on a farm,
So, we were poorer…yet.

There was plenty of food,
From the animals and the garden;
Everything else was ‘extra’,
And, those…we didn’t have too often.

We were all farm kids,
And, we dressed pretty much the same;
What we saw…is what we got,
We made no higher claim.

Shoes…well, we had them,
Although…maybe just one pair;
And, that pair might be second-hand,
A brand-new pair…well, that was rare.

I’d worn the same dress all the time,
And, I’d long-since outgrown it;
What I really needed…now,
Was a dress that really fit.

We had no money to buy a dress,
So, what could Mom do?
There was no money for material,
But, Mom had an idea…yes, she always had a few!

We were able to buy flour,
And, Mom made her own bread;
She did everything in her power,
Everything she could…to get ahead.

One day…Mom happ’d to notice,
These bright-colored flour sacks;
They were a nice shade of yellow,
So, this problem…Mom was about to attack!

She got out her scissors,
And, set-up her sewing machine;
Snip…snip and a zip…zip,
There it was…the prettiest dress I’d ever seen!

Although I had to wear it;
Every school day…for a whole year;
That didn’t really matter at all,
These memories…I shall always hold dear.

It’s amazing what we can do,
When there really is a need;
I’m still proud of my ONE DRESS,
Mom…you did well…indeed!


June 23, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love