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When I was just a wee…small girl,
I had the nicest pet;
She was the prettiest kitty,
As pretty as they get!

Her name was ‘Precious’,
And, she really was…to me;
I think the feeling was mutual,
For she liked me, too…you see!

At night she was so quiet,
Yes, she went right to sleep;
Curled-up next to me in bed,
I didn’t hear a peep.

But, first thing in the morning,
When I hopped out of bed;
She began to meow…to jump about,
Then, we went down to breakfast to be fed.

I told her of my plans for the day,
And, she listen…purring loudly;
She knew that she could not come along,
About this…I felt badly.

But, today it would be different,
At school…it was “Show and Tell”;
‘Precious’ would be coming with me,
And, together…we’d listen for the school bell!

Oh, my…I was excited,
This…‘Precious’ seemed to sense;
For she began to jump around,
And, made of herself…a real nuisance!

Yes, we had our day in school,
All my classmates loved her dearly;
She was a real ‘hit’ with them,
And, they expressed it most sincerely.

In the months and years that followed,
‘Precious’ was still remembered;
Oftimes, my classmates would inquire,
“How is ‘Precious’…today?”

I taught her many tricks,
She taught me a few things…too;
Like responsibility…for one,
All the care for her…I had to do.

We kind of grew up…together,
‘Precious’ did…and I;
Then, came the day she weakened,
And, before evening…she died.

Now, this hit me very hard,
I didn’t know what to do;
I had so many questions,
So many things to think through.

I asked my Mom…what happens,
To kitties that pass away;
Mom thought about it for a minute,
And, this is what she had to say…

“Nobody knows for certain,
But, of one thing…I am sure;
‘Not even a sparrow falls without God knowing’,
He cares for us…of this, we are assured.”

Now, Mom did something special,
It meant a whole lot to me;
“Let’s lay ‘Precious’ to rest,
Out back…beneath her favorite tree.”

So, we had a little ceremony,
And, we said how much we missed her;
But, we would hold her in our hearts,
This would make it easier to bear.

Now that I am grown,
And, have children of my own;
I pass this truth on to them,
This truth that I was shown.

PET HEAVEN is real to me,
For I know how much God does care;
He ‘…shall wipe away every tear’,
And, we shall be happy…over there!


May 16, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love