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I live in the city,
And, a very large one…at that;
Animals out here?…not many,
Maybe a few dogs and cats.

But, we’re luckier than many,
For our Parks Department has plans;
We’re to get a PETTING ZOO,
With all kinds of baby animals…isn’t that grand?

Well, guess who was there every day,
While the zoo was being built?
Why…it was me…myself…and I,
I had to be certain…that it was well-built!

Long, hard weeks of work,
Went into this labor of love;
Each habitat had to be just right,
From the largest species…down to the smallest dove.

Now, for the celebration,
The whole city turned-out;
The Mayor gave a long speech,
The ribbon was cut…and up went a loud SHOUT!!!

Children running…in all different directions,
Parents scurrying all around;
Some children were sure to get lost,
And, they would have to be found!

Fun was had by everybody,
But, do you know who had the best treat?
Why, it wasn’t the children…nor their parents,
It was the pets…they had never had so much junk food to eat!

In a week or two…things settled down,
And, there was some routine…to the chaos;
The animals were more relaxed…too,
And, not a single small child had been lost!

People came from far and wide,
All the baby animals…to see;
The PETTING ZOO…a huge success,
And, best of all…it was free!


June 17, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love