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When you’re a young child,
Almost anything can be your pet;
A firefly…a grasshopper…a cricket,
That’s how desperate…you can get!

One time…I had a caterpillar,
Well, not your average kind;
This one was orange and black,
He was fuzzy, too…not like most that you find.

Of course, I couldn’t cuddle him,
For this pet had his limit;
I could watch him crawl around…though,
But, the food I gave to him…he would not eat it!

What was best for him?…the outdoors,
So, very soon…I set him free;
Now, I would have to look around,
To find another pet for me!

How about an ‘ant colony’,
Inside a large glass jar?
Not really what I wanted,
To view them…from afar!

And, some are to remain free;
I’d like to tame them all,
But, that’s not them…it’s me!

A young child is at one with nature,
And, they just don’t understand;
That nature must remain free,
If it’s to co-habit with man!

Later…we learn different,
These PETS ARE SPECIAL…in another way;
This kind are better observed,
At a distance…far away!


June 19, 2004

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love