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For months…we had gone gathering,
Pinecones of every kind;
It never failed to amaze me,
At all the sizes and shapes we’d find!

Some were very long and thin,
And, some were round and short;
There were those of a dark shade of brown,
Some almost tan in color…Yes, all sorts!

We collected a wide variety of flora,
Any kind of dried pod…also…would do;
This wreath would be beautiful,
Most of all because it was something new.

We had to just go gathering,
Way out there…in the countryside;
Yes, nature puts on a fine display,
We just have to open our eyes…wide!

We had just begun to see these wreaths,
At some of the craft fairs;
Usually, they were just thrown-together,
A well-made one was very rare.

But, I had some good ideas…now,
And, some wired-frames I’d bought;
Yes, I’d bought some other supplies,
But, many things were freely got.

Now, this was many years ago,
Before glue-guns were used;
Everything would be wired tightly,
Causing our fingers to be cut and bruised.

Oh…but, what a masterpiece,
We could readily create;
A lot of time and effort…yes,
And, the PINECONE WREATH would look great!

It was truly a family project,
On our ‘outings’…we’d gather the cones;
And, after roaming o`er hill and dale,
We’d bring our treasures home.

The long ‘white pine’ cones,
Went into a pail filled with water;
This caused them to close-up more,
Not as they were…when they were dryer.

Then, we’d press the long, thin cones,
In-between the wire frame;
Letting it dry…thoroughly,
Now, very solid…it became.

When everything was ready,
We’d twist the wire `round the cone;
Then, we’d poke the wire through the frame,
And, twist the wire…harder than we’d ever known.

Our fingers became very sore,
Cut and blistered…not just a little;
But, nothing worth-while comes easy,
Yet, this was a bit of a struggle!

At last one PINECONE WREATH was finished,
Or at least…almost done;
Just a spray of lacquer…now,
And, this heirloom would be worth a fortune!

Yes, it was truly a beauty,
And, they did sell like ‘hot-cakes’;
But, the best part was working together,
And, the family ‘bonding’ that it makes!


July 11, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Our Photo

The last pinecone wreath that Aimee made.