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Today was to be a busy day,
POTATO HARVEST TIME and so much to do;
Dark clouds were forming overhead,
Rain and hail…they threatened to spew.

But, we must make the most,
Make the most…of the time at hand;
So, we gathered up our things,
This…our rugged little band.

Dad hitched-up the horses,
Good old Mabel and Bess;
The wagon was quickly loaded,
Burlap bags, shovels and all the rest.

Mom had packed a lunch,
And, there would be lemonade;
Chocolate chip cookies…vanilla cake,
This is how we’d all be repaid.

Sister and I jumped onto the wagon,
Some neighbors walked along…behind;
Neighbors helping each other,
Always so thoughtful and so kind!

What a sight to behold,
With dark storm-clouds overhead;
Would we get the harvest in,
So, in the Winter…we’d be well-fed?

We prayed…yes, we prayed,
And, the clouds…seemed to roll back;
The bad weather was put on hold,
Nothing happened…and that’s a fact!

Actually…it was the best harvest,
That we had ever had;
Hard work…Oh, yes,
And, when finished…we were all glad!

With the hard work behind us,
We looked forward…to a new year;
POTATO HARVEST TIME…would come again,
Until then…the memories we’d hold dear!


August 1, 2004

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love